Ford Debuts Special Track Version of New 2024 Mustang

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  • The new Ford Mustang 2024 will be honed for track driving with two special versions of the Dark Horse.
  • The Dark Horse S gets a roll cage, racing seats, adjustable rear wing, and revised suspension, while the Dark Horse R takes it even further with a fuel cell, stiffer body, and unique wheels.
  • Ford will also launch versions of the Mustang to compete in GT3 and GT4 sports car racing, as well as the NASCAR Cup, Australian Supercars and NHRA series.

The new Ford Mustang 2024 debuted yesterday with a new performance variant called the Dark Horse, which brings a 500-horsepower version of the 5.0-liter V-8, a menacing design, and optional carbon fiber wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires. While this new model sounds very capable, Ford also announced that the new Mustang will spawn several track-only versions, with some dedicated to weekend racers and others destined to be driven by professionals across some of the world’s top racing series.

The Dark Horse will directly spawn two track cars, the Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R, neither of which will be street legal. The S sees all trim and non-essential components ripped off, with the interior instead adorned with an FIA-certified roll cage, safety net, race seats, and a race steering wheel with a quick-disconnect system. There will also be a fire suppression system, as well as a pit speed limiter and data collection system.

The passenger seat is optional, while the exterior adds hood pins, front and rear tow hooks, and an adjustable rear wing. The new exhaust system should also provide a hearing pleasure, while upgraded brakes and Multimatic DSSV dampers will help the Sickle Dark Horse S get through the track. The Dark Horse R is even more focused on racing, with fuel cells for increased range, special Ford Performance Parts alloy wheels, and strategic seam welds to make the car body stiffer.

Along with the Dark Horse track car, Ford will enter several racing series with the new Mustang. The factory-supported Mustang GT3 race car will be available to customers and eligible to start competing in the IMSA SportsCar Championship in 2024 at Daytona 24 Hours. The GT3 car will use a 5.4-liter V-8 engine derived from the Coyote engine in street cars. Ford will also offer lower-spec GT4 cars that qualify for the IMSA, SRO, and FIA GT series. Ford will also launch a new version of the Mustang in the Australian Supercars series next year, and the redesigned Mustang will appear in the NASCAR Cup series and NHRA Factory X class.

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