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Parking where visibility is poor is always a problem, even for those who have been driving for years and have now become experts on the subject. Strange as it may seem, a tennis ball can solve the drama in moments.

Tennis ball on the glass
Tennis ball on glass – Motori.News

Many drivers, experienced and less experienced, they put a tennis ball in the glove compartment which can save not only in terms of time.

Generally, it is used to play, but there are those who quickly discovered that this tool can actually come in handy when going to park. Maximum security, time savingbut above all irreparable damage, only by using a trivial tennis ball.


Tennis ball that’s why it is recommended to put it in the car

First of all, it may be useful to make a premise. Sometimes you have problems with distances, especially when parking, wherever you are, even if it were for example the garage of your own home. It may happen that you have to fight with “dark” areas and have to maneuver after maneuver quickly. Between anxiety, fear, the need to hurry it can happen that you go against an edge, a wall, and here the car has the worst of it.

In this case the tennis ball comes into play which allows us to save time and money because we avoid going to the body shop once a week.

New drivers may even fall in love with this trick. It’s about a innovative solution that once tried it never gives up.

To understand how far you can go with the car to park without damaging the car, just tie the tennis ball to the string and immediately attach it to the ceiling. Slowly, you approach the wall with the nose to park, at this moment don’t lose sight of the ball. When it hits the windshield it means parking is okay and you can stop maneuvering.

Away from stamps and damage, save time by using a tennis ball

So there will be no more or significant damage, no stamps, just a little yellow help ready to warn you when parking is fine, avoiding staying there for minutes and going back and forth, risking damage to the car.

It is a very simple tool, which whoever has in the houseor that it can simply be purchased at a ridiculously low price, which allows you to park quickly without a hitch despite being a beginner.

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