Put a coin on the wheel of the car, this trick saves your life: you always will

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A coin can help check the tire tread of the car. Just follow a very simple guide to check the state of health of the tires, even if you do not have the proper tools.

Coin in the wheel
Coin in the wheel – Motori.News

Before the holidays you must always check that everything is in good condition and that you can move around without too many problems. Tires in particular must be checked carefully because they are the only point of support of the car with the road.

If the wheels are in good condition then the journey is safe, cheap and comfortable, otherwise not. There are a few tips that specifically have to do with the tire tread that allow you to control in particular the thickness if it is reduced or if it is fine. This aspect is important because it allows you to understand if the tread is still able to adhere correctly to the asphalt even when wet.

Coin – Motori.news

How to control the reels with a coin

The first thing to do is to park where the road is smooth, flat, so you can check the tires smoothly. First it’s up to the front wheels and then to the rear ones.

They must be at least 1.6mm deep, by law. If there are more millimeters, however, it is always better. The tire tread depth should be checked in several places. There are tools that cost a few euros, which allow you to do it without problems and difficulties.

Alternatively, you can also use just one coin that goes inside one tread groove. As for the summer tire, the 1 euro one is fine. If the stars on the edge are visible, then the tire must be changed because it is too worn e leaving them for a trip can be risky.

While for a winter tire, a 2 euro coin is used. If the silver outer edge goes over the groovethe rubber is worn out.

Tire check, what to watch out for

So far as there should be objects stuck in the tread right inside the groove, you have to remove them slowly, using tweezers, without damaging the tire. For pull out a nail instead it is better to ask a professional. In fact, once extracted it could be useful to inflate the tire or check if there are any leaks.

The wheels are the most important part of the vehicle, so they should be subjected to periodic checks, a habit that unfortunately no one has. Many accidents happen precisely because excessively worn tires are used that should be changed immediately, without even being aware of it.

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