Side mirrors, have you ever noticed this detail? Nobody knows what it is for

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Adjusting the car’s side mirrors is a very important aspect. Having a perfect view while driving or parking is essential. But what detail has no one ever noticed? Here’s everything you need to know!

Car side mirror
Car side mirror – MotoriNews

One of the most important elements regarding safety while driving is in reference to the appropriate use of the side mirrors. In fact, they are not simple accessories or secondary devices, but play a primary role. Adjusting the mirrors correctly, therefore, is an aspect to be absolutely taken into account. Let’s see how to adjust these devices. Have you ever noticed a specific detail? Here’s what to evaluate!

The importance of the side mirrors is to allow the driver to have everything under control even in the rear. The user, therefore, will not be forced to turn around and lose the view ahead when driving or parking. Therefore, as mentioned, he will have the whole situation under control!

But how should the side mirrors be adjusted? Is there any adjustment difference between the one on the right and the one on the left? There is a very important precise detail, unknown to many! Let’s find out all the details on this very important aspect.

Side mirrors: here’s the incredible detail on their adjustment!

How to adjust the mirrors? First, it is fair to say how the adjustment changes according to the position. Indeed, the left mirror (the one next to the driver) must be adjusted differently than the one on the right. The one on the left, in fact, will be adjusted having a perfect view of everything behind it. It will be a good idea to see the fender and tail of the car properly and unobstructed.

Side mirrors: here is the detail unknown to many – Motori.News

The right mirror it will also have to be adjusted to the best, but it will be advisable to do it by aiming lower. This solution will help the user not only when driving, but also during parking. The view, therefore, will always be perfect. But what detail has no one noticed until today? Let’s find out!

In addition to having the tail of the car always visible, on the left it will be advisable to orient the mirror with the opening of the rear door visible. On the other hand, as regards the right-hand mirror, the adjustment must be made having both door openings – the front and the rear – visible. In this second case – as anticipated before – the adjustment must be made by aiming a little lower than the left mirror!

This detail it is essential, because indicates – through an intuitive trick – the perfect adjustment of the two side mirrors!

Side mirror
Side mirror – Motori.News

Finally, we enunciate a more technical aspect for those who are beginners or who have recently obtained their driving license. In modern cars, the side mirrors can be easily adjusted by means of a push-button panel placed to the driver’s left. It is electronic and easily usable by everyone! Always adjust the side mirrors to the best and follow this valid advice just said!

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