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Silica gel sachets are usually thrown away when they are in shoe boxes or bags, because they are thought to be useless or even hurtful. This is what has always been said over the years on the other hand.

Silica gel on the dashboard
Silica gel on the dashboard – Motori.News

In reality they can be useful in a thousand ways for example for save your cell phone after it fell into the water, or to clean silverware. Furthermore, few know that they can keep mold away from furniture.

Not everyone considers the many properties of this material. These make it effective too to clean stubborn stains oven, or to wash and polish the stove or pan well without scratching and without the need to use who knows what materials or products.


Sachets of silica gel, here’s how they can save us in the car

At least once in your life when shopping for clothes, shoes, etc., you happen to find sachets that contain silica gel. Usually one wonders what their function is, few discover it and put into practice the advice and various indications. Those who do it do not regret it, indeed they can no longer do without it. Silica gel is obtained from zinc dioxide, which is able to absorb moisture, preventing mold from forming.

Here’s how to reuse them in the car while keeping them out of the reach of children because they could turn into something really dangerous.

The silica gel sachets can be placed directly on the dashboard of the car, to strip the windows or prevent them from misting up when there is too much temperature difference between the inside of the passenger compartment and the outside or when it rains. Their action is immediate. Just put a couple for see immediate results.

Precisely because they act very well against humidity, they can be placed where there is a large amount of damp, for example in the gym bag where we often store damp clothing or towels that after a while they stink. The silica gel sachets absorb moisture and stink.

Other uses of silica gel sachets

They can also protect the seeds to be planted, ensuring that they are kept in optimal conditions before being inserted into the earth. If you even place them inside a vase of flowers, they prevent them from drying out very quickly. Then they can be placed inside the cabinets to reduce the formation of humidity especially when they are placed in damp rooms, particularly exposed to the formation of condensation or humidity.

They are recommended in the kitchen where moisture forms easily when cooking and where it is absorbed, inevitably, from the walls.

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