Ford Bronco Raptor 1:10 Scale RC SUV Looks And Drives Like A Real Deal

The revived Ford Bronco is certainly an excellent off-roader – we’ve seen it in action time and time again and we know it’s great. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you took the Bronco down, gave it a few performance boosts, and tried it in the mud? Not much will change compared to the actual car.

We now have evidence that Broncos of all sizes are capable machines, even ones ten times smaller than the original SUV. Traxxas built a scale model of a very realistic looking Bronco that was unveiled in May last year. It’s based on the company’s TRX4 off-road platform featuring remote-locking front and rear differentials, as well as a high/low range transmission for “unrivaled driving versatility.”

But if you don’t like your stock car, fear not – there’s now a tuning scene for radio-controlled models and the market is offering a plethora of hardware upgrades for the Bronco 1:10. The H-Tech Custom Conversion Kit turns that model into a Bronco Raptor with a new body, wheel arches, wheels, roof rack, and other visual and mechanical enhancements. The result is something that not only kids love.

There’s a new video from SS UN active channel Youtube and it shows a scale model of the Bronco Raptor in action. The footage is superb and at certain angles, the radio-controlled vehicle looks exactly like a real off-road Bronco Raptor. The suspension behaves like that of a full-scale SUV and the Bronco 1:10 slips easily into water and mud.

Most videos show upgrade packages before their installation. The attention to detail is absolutely stunning and the way things fit into the original Traxxas body is simple and reliable. Price? Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on the stock model’s base price of $549.95.

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