Lidl rents its electric for 222 euros a month: kilometric lines to grab one

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Lidl in Germany has decided to offer its most loyal customers an electric car that already appeals to everyone simply by knowing some of its features.
Lidl electric car
Lidl electric car – MotoriNews
The colossus proposes a 100% electric car, absolutely low cost, which can be own, only by subscription. The amount to be paid monthly is minimal, but allows you to have your own a complete car available 24 hours a day, respectful of the environment.
This is the Elaris Finn, or a zero-emission car, compact produced by a company from the city of Grunstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate Grunstadt, which was made in China.

The 100% car arrives on the internet, on the official Lidl website

The proposal of the 100% electric car was launched directly on the website of the most famous chain in the world. In order to obtain more information and therefore to be redirected to the portal
Like2Drive, just log in with your credentials to the user profile of the Lidl site. In this way you can book the car in a few steps and with extreme simplicity even for those who have no knowledge of internet sites. The subscription payment requires 269 euros per month, but i members can have it for only 222 euros.
For now it is not known whether it will be a success just as it happened a few years ago with Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine, whose food processor made and continues to make sparks now, both for quality and for price .. Same thing also happened with shoes on sale last year. Many have also bought them at unrealistic costs, to then resell them and earn twice as much. This on the other hand it could be a winning formula, also because something similar has already happened in the past.

The differences between one company and another

Reference is made to 2021, when Lidl, in collaboration with Like2Drive, proposed a limited number of Nissan Leaf. It was a success, many cars were booked in record time. The monthly fee at the time was 279 euros per month rather than 329 euros. You could choose to use the car for one year without having to pay taxes, insurance etc. All services were included.
The electric car offered now at Lidl he has a lot of the Citroen Ami. They are two similar but not identical cars. For example, this is 2.8 meters long and has only two doors. It is zero emissioni, delivers 48 hp, is powered by a 32 kWh battery. It is capable of reaching a speed of 115 km / h, with a range of 300 km. In short, a car that aims to save money and avoids everything that is superfluous and that requires an important, useless or almost.

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