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The website of the Ministry of Economic Development has made a very convenient, practical and useful application available to citizens. It allows you to find the best price for fuel in your area at any time! A simple and innovative solution that will please millions of Italians! Let’s go to the discovery of this application!

Fuel app
Fuel app – Motori.news

The price of diesel and petrol fluctuates constantly, but no longer tends to drop to the levels prior to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The Italian government has for months eliminated excise duties from the cost of fuel, reducing the actual price per liter by about 30 cents. A move that has been extended several times and which will currently be active until 5 October (except for other extensions).

The cost of fuel is one of the many aspects that haunt Italians. Being able, therefore, to save something at each full tank greatly benefits the pockets of millions of people. But how to discover the most convenient distributors in the area?

The MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) has designed a particular application – unknown to many – which allows you to check the best price on the fuel market at any time. Here are all the details about this app of the Mise called ‘Watch fuel prices’. With a few clicks you will be informed about all the offers and prices of petrol stations in your area!

The MISE application to save you every fuel tank!

The application designed by the Ministry of Economic Development allows you to find the best fuel price from the comfort of the sofa at home, but not only. If you are short of fuel, in fact, the application allows you to find the cheapest gas station in the area at all times. Just pull over to the side of the road and discover the most convenient option. Easy isn’t it?

Here’s how to save thanks to the MISE fuel app – Motori.News

The app is very easy and intuitive. The use is really within everyone’s reach and allows you to find the cheapest distributors both within a maximum radius of 5 km and along the path you will have to take! In addition, it provides information on all the press releases put in place by the various managers and on any sudden rises or falls during the week.

How does MISE know the prices charged by each petrol station? The answer is very simple. There is a law that came into force on September 16, 2013 which obliges all managers to clarify prices and to inform MISE directly. The prices of diesel, petrol, methane and LPG, therefore, must be communicated by law!

Look at fuel prices
‘Look at fuel prices’, the MISE app that allows you to find the cheapest price on fuel – Motori.News

Thanks to this standard, MISE was therefore able to implement this intuitive application to meet the needs of all consumers. Transparency, practicality and convenience: this app will change your life for the better when it comes to saving fuel!

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