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Car oil, in diesel cars, as well as in petrol ones, must be replaced every few kilometers. These are usually indicated in the booklet because they change from car to car.

Car oil
Car oil –

It is in any case a fundamental step which allows you to enjoy the car running smoothly for months and years. When the oil is in good condition, the car is more comfortable as its delivery is smoother and this also leads to a much more responsive and performing engine.

Also, a car neglected does not work well and has no value. Taking care of your car’s engine will also benefit your wallet.

Car oil must be replaced periodically to make the machine work properly

It is emphasized that the oil must be replaced and never decanted because with this practice the residues remain and go deep. We can add a little oil if it drops in level, but this only if the oil is still in good condition. If not, better replace it completely. The consequence is a malfunction general car if not really there its breakup.

The oil of the car sometimes changes color, this change indicates something really worrying that should not be underestimated.

How to check the engine oil and understand if it has been replaced or not

To check the engine oil, level and quality, take the dipstick and pull it out of the tank. Once the rod has been removed, it is rubbed directly on a piece of paper. Therefore, if the oil is of its natural or transparent colorthere are no problems of any kind.

You can sleep peacefully for a long time. In the meantime, you can go back to driving the car for quite a few miles without worry.

While, if the color of the oil were to be dark it would indicate the time has come to provide for replacement. This, in any case, can also happen after having requested the oil change by those in charge or by someone trustworthy, who does not really replace it or who carries out the topping up operation or worse still puts a very low quality oil into it. The scam is always around the corner especially in times like this, of deep crisis.

broken car
Broken engine –

This, however, is what happens in cars a gas. While those fed a diesel fuel when the oil becomes dark it does not change absolutely nothing. As diesel combustion tends to dirty a lot moreso it’s normal to see it darkened shortly after.

Another feature not to be overlooked is the viscosity of the oil. If the product maintains the usual physical conditions always, even after a long time that it has been changed, then it means that everything is fine. On the other hand, if you notice that in a short time it has become liquid, which looks like water and even the level has risen, there is the possibility that it has mixed with diesel.

If something like this happens, it is the case to ask the mechanic for help as soon as possible. In short, there are so many things to check but we must not get confused, nothing is as difficult as it seems.

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