Ford Mustang ‘Stampede’ Fans In Detroit before New Model Launch

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ford mustang at raid event in detroit

Matthew SkwarczekCar and Driver

As Ford Mustang fans and owners alike gear up for tonight’s reveal of the new seventh-generation car, Mustangs from past and present have lined the streets around Detroit auto shows as part of Ford’s “Stampede” event. The large-scale public party kicked off about a week ago on September 6 in Tacoma, Washington, with owners and fans traveling across the country and making 12 stops en route to their final destination in Detroit, Michigan.

As part of the celebrations, we sought out owners of the sixth generation Mustang and took photos of their beloved ponies. Among the models we photographed were a ’67 Shelby GT350 replica with some genuine Shelby parts, a flawless ’78 Mustang II King Cobra, and a ’07 GT with a sweet underside paint.

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1967 Shelby GT350 Clone With Real Shelby Parts

This 1967 Shelby GT350 Mustang is a clone and is owned by Greg Csernai. It features a Boss 302 engine mated to a five-speed manual. Even though it’s a replica, it has some actual Shelby parts, such as the steering wheel, roll bar, rims and brakes. “Great! My only car is ’67 or ’68 overall,” Csernai said.


1978 Mustang II King Cobra In Mint Condition

Unfortunately, we were unable to track down the owner of this immaculate 1978 Mustang II King Cobra. However, the build sheet has been posted inside and we took a quick look at some of its features. Along with a 302-cubic-inch V-8 and four-speed manual, this second-generation car features T-tops, a radial (195/70 size) with raised white letters, and a digital clock! It was also built in the Dearborn factor on May 5, 1978.


1989 Mustang GT That Was Mostly Original

This 1989 Mustang GT belongs to Alan Macdonald. The black Fox body is mostly original apart from some new parts and an aftermarket center console that features a cupholder and USB port. Macdonald, who hails from Michigan’s Bloomfield Township, said he had an ’89 GT for about five years and was saving up for an S550.


2002 Mustang GT Built for Drifting

This 2002 Mustang GT is owned by someone who uses @bbdrifting on Gram. As its name and photos show, this fourth generation has been heavily modified for drifting. We’re told he bought the car when he was 16, having saved up since he was 5, and has modified everything from the rear to the engine. The latter is a 4.6-liter V-8 that has been upgraded to 5.0-liter and is turbocharged. It is said to produce around 700 horsepower.


2007 Mustang GT With Custom Details

This 2007 Mustang GT belongs to Tony Gulley. The decorative paint is hand airbrushed under the hood as well as on the seats, dashboard and door panels. Regarding the Stampede event, Gulley said, “I think it’s amazing. I’m really excited that Ford can do something special for the next generation.”


2015 Mustang GT Driven Daily and Drag Raced

This 2015 Mustang GT is owned by Mike Magri. This sixth generation handlebar has been modified with a body kit, aftermarket grille and two rear spoilers. The interior is also customized. Magri says he’s “too much fun right now to even think about picking up a new one. 2015 is his sixth Mustang, all of which he loves. Not only does Magri drive it every day, but he also says he’s driven it through five Michigan winters and took it drag racing.”

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