Dinosaur, World’s Largest Rubber Duck Part Of The New Detroit Auto Show

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After countless delays due to COVID-19 and clipped outdoor events last year, the 2022 North America International Auto Show in Detroit is back in full force to its downtown hometown. However, this is a very different show, with shows and events taking place both indoors and outdoors. And to see how different it is, 2022 includes dinosaurs and giant ducks. Wait … what?

You might not catch a dinosaur, but almost anyone who ventures into Huntington Place (formerly Cobo Hall) will see a huge yellow duck outside. Specifically, this is an inflatable rubber duck measuring no less than 61 feet, according to Detroit News. It’s also not a sales gimmick, at least in terms of many buy-here-pay-here used cars. The huge duck – supposedly the world’s largest – was part of Jeep’s outdoor display at the weeklong event. Apparently, “ducking” is a trend among Jeep owners these days, where people leave rubber duckies in other Jeeps they think are cool. It’s a Jeep thing.. we don’t get it.

For those who are not interested in big ducks, big dinosaurs are also available for your entertainment. This is part of an interactive experience called Dinosaur Encounters and Off-Road Vehicles, which features more than 80 dinosaurs with some being nearly half the height of certain rubber ducks. Among the interspersed prehistoric creatures is a collection of trucks and SUVs on static display. The walk-through area includes activities such as fossil excavation, storytelling, and handicrafts.

Or, if you head to the Detroit Auto Show to see actually autos, there are some important debuts that we cover. The biggest one is arguably the 2024 Ford Mustang, launching the seventh generation Blue Oval pony car. The Chrysler 300C is brought back to life for 2023 with 485 horsepower, and you can see special edition Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler while hanging out with the world’s largest rubber duck.


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The 2022 North America International Auto Show runs from September 17 – 25 in downtown Detroit.

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