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Sexy and attractive hitchhiker: it is good to pay close attention and not let her into the car. It costs you an arm and a leg.

Seductive hitchhiker
Seductive hitchhiker – Motori.News

Do you happen to see a sexy and attractive woman asking for help on the street? Is she a scam? You have to be very careful not to let it enter your car. It could be a real scam that can cost us an arm and a leg. Let’s find out in this guide how to protect yourself from the seductive hitchhiker scam.

Sexy and seductive hitchhiker scam: what does it consist of?

We see a car parked on the edge of the road and next to it one sexy, seductive and attractive woman with the thumb up, calling for help from motorists. The attractive woman asks us to give her a lift to the bus stop or service area. Are we really sure this is a seductive woman in distress who needs help?

The sexy hitchhiker could be hiding a real scam. In fact, it could be the perfect bait to put in place an effective trick staged by many scammers against male motorists. What to do to avoid the scam? How not to fall into the trap? What is the sexy hitchhiker scam?

Once the seductive woman gets on board her car, she declares that she intends to call the police to report the attempted violence. The driver pays the “quantum”Requested by the woman to avoid reporting and blackmail always works.

hitchhiker scam
Seductive hitchhiker scam – Motorinews.it

Sexy and seductive hitchhiker scam: what are the countermeasures to take?

How to avoid the sexy and seductive hitchhiker scam? What measures should be taken to avoid the blackmail of the attractive woman who asks us for help because she is in difficulty? Even at the cost of disregarding the demands of beautiful women who hitchhike, it is good to doubt the hitchhikers willing to get into the car of an unknown driver.

Hitchhikers who do not have any luggage in tow must immediately arouse suspicion. In addition, hitchhikers willing to go up without first asking a few questions must be doubted.

This type of scam is carried out to the detriment of people who travel in their car alone. It is good to trust but not too much. If you have any suspicions it is good call 112 and never be afraid of threats or blackmail from the hitchhiker. Our advice is to give the hitchhiker a ride only if you are traveling in company.

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