Porsche Macan EV Spying Tests At Nurburgring With Strange Aero Bits

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A new spy video has captured not one but two different Porsche Macan EV test vehicles licking the Nurburgring race track and their differences from one another. The video shows two electric crossovers skyrocketing on the famous race track ahead of the model’s debut later this year.

One of the testers wore an odd chunky fender arch extension, but that’s not the only quirk of the vehicle. All sorts of fins protrude under the car, and are clearly visible under the rear diffuser. It’s not clear what Porsche is doing, but it may have something to do with the crossover’s aerodynamics – a key design feature for EVs looking to maximize range.

The crossover doesn’t sport much flashy camouflage, but Porsche hides most of its design. There’s a band on the front that hides the model’s finer styling details under the faux grille and other gimmicks. Porsche tries to hide the C-Pillar, but the fake greenhouse trim is pretty self-explanatory. At the rear, Porsche did a lot to hide the liftgate, covering it with black panels and tape.

When the Macan EV arrives, it will use the Volkswagen Group’s Premium Platform Electric architecture. Porsche hasn’t released any information about the powertrain configuration yet, but we expect the company to offer single and dual motor layouts, with a two-motor system offering all-wheel drive.

This spy photo from earlier this summer captured the interior of the crossover, showing off a full-screen dashboard. The wide infotainment screen sits in the center of the dashboard, separated from the IP stack and the rest of the center console by a trim section that runs across the dashboard. Another screen sits in front of the driver, which has an odd, exposed design.

Porsche hasn’t set a date for the crossover’s debut yet, but it will be sometime in 2022. The crossover looks almost ready to go into production; However, it won’t go on sale until 2023. Porsche hasn’t narrowed down when that will happen, however. This will be Porsche’s first model to use the new PPE architecture, and will join the Taycan as Porsche’s second electric vehicle available in its lineup today.