The first SUV from the Cavallino company is out of this world

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The famous Italian car manufacturer has finally presented and unveiled its first SUV to the world. But woe to label it in this category. The Ferrari Purosangue – according to the top management of Ferrari – is something that escapes any classification and category! Here are all the details.

Ferrari Thoroughbred
Ferrari Purosangue – Motori.News

Here we are! Ferrari has finally presented its first SUV to the press. This is the Ferrari Thoroughbred! The wait is therefore over. Everyone can now admire this new sporting jewel of the Prancing Horse with four seats and ‘taller’ than classic Ferraris. But from Maranello do not want to label this new model to classic SUVs!

The Ferrari Purosangue features the classic naturally aspirated Ferrari V12 engine. It will be able to deliver well 725 hp! It took over 4 years, but in the end the Purosangue is finally a reality! In addition to the sensational power engine, the car will have the automatic gearbox from Formula 1 and a double 8-speed fraction!

The length of the machine stands at 4.97 meters, the width at 2.03 meters and the height at 1.59 meters. The maximum speed on paper can exceed 310 km / h and it will go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds! In addition to these astonishing numbers, Ferrari did not leave aside the driving comfort and the comfort of the passenger seats. A sports car, but also a comfortable one! What more could you want?

Ferrari Purosangue: here is the incredible first SUV of the Prancing Horse!

The new Ferrari Purosangue will be available in 4 colors: Purosangue Black, Italy White, Titanium Gray and Portofino Red. The cost of the machine – obviously – will only be within the reach of an exclusive market. Indeed, the price is around 390 thousand euros from the price list. The presale had already started some time ago, without yet that official photos were shown. This confirms how much enthusiasts blindly trust the Prancing Horse. The thoroughbred Ferrari can therefore be considered a real cult object. The first models will be delivered starting from the first 3 or 4 months of 2023!

Ferrari Thoroughbred
The Ferrari Purosangue: here is the amazing new car of the Prancing Horse – Motori.News

These are the exciting words of Benedetto Vigna, after lifting the red flag on the occasion of the official world presentation of the Ferrari Purosangue: “I have goosebumps. Purosangue is not an SUV, but a new car concept that wasn’t there before. It is a sports car, as we have always built, but with the characteristic of four seats, high off the ground and also suitable for dirt roads “.

From Maranello they underline and specify how this incredible new car is not a real SUV, but a category apart! Enrico Galliera, Ferrari marketing and commercial director, admitted: “We said to ourselves that it had to be uncompromising, pounding, like a horse with a shiny coat…”.

Even from the top of the Prancing Horse, therefore, all the excitement for this new proposal emerges. We are sure that fans will be looking forward to trying the new Ferrari Purosangue!

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