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The GranTurismo Maserati sports car is set to make a comeback for the 2024 model year, previewed by the Alfieri concept car, but sporting a look that incorporates some of the styling cues from the new Grecale SUV. The new GranTurismo will join the lineup of equally delicious MC20 supercars in 2023 as the model year 2024. Fully petrol, hybrid and electric engines will be offered, with electric ones sporting Folgore the Italian name for lightning. We also expect a convertible version—perhaps called the GranCabrio—to be on the way too.

What’s New for 2024?

The GranTurismo will be all-new when it goes on sale in 2023. Electric and hybrid variants are expected to launch later, with the petrol-powered model hitting the market first.

Price and Where to Buy


$90,000 (approximate)


$105,000 (approx.)


$120,000 (approx.)

Maserati has shared images of the Modena and Trofeo trims, but we expect a base model called the GT to also be part of the lineup. We’ll have more information on pricing, standard features, and option packages as the car goes on sale.

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Engine, Transmission and Performance

Powertrain details are blurred and obscured by years of changes to the original plans, but Maserati’s last communication was that the GranTurismo would be offered as an electric vehicle. Maserati says it will also be available with a petrol engine and we also suspect that a hybrid or plug-in hybrid model could also be part of the plans. Whether a hybrid powertrain will be optional or the GranTurismo’s standard propulsion source remains unknown. If a petrol-only variant was on the cards, it could be a V-6 or V-8 sourced from Ferrari, while a hybrid or plug-in hybrid could use a four-cylinder turbo. Bottom line: We just don’t know.

2024 maserati granturismo


Real World Fuel Economy and MPG

Without knowing exactly what engine or electric powertrain will power the GranTurismo, it is impossible to estimate the fuel economy figures or electric driving distance. More information on this will be revealed closer to the car’s sale date, and we’ll update this story with information as it becomes available. Once we get the production model up for testing, we’ll test it through a 200-mile highway fuel economy test and report our findings. For more information on GranTurismo’s fuel economy, visit EPA website.

Interior, Comfort and Cargo

The GranTurismo will likely continue to be a two-door, four-seater with plenty of luxuries in the cabin, including unique leather and silk upholstery from the Italian fashion house. Ermenegildo Zegna. We expect similar passenger space to competitors such as the Aston Martin Vantage and Mercedes-AMG GT; cargo space should also be similar to those cars. When the GranCabrio debuts, expect the trunk to suffer a reduction in capacity as it provides space to store a folding fabric roof.

2024 maserati granturismo


Infotainment and Connectivity

Maserati’s latest infotainment system—the Google-based system that debuted in the Grecale—is likely to be offered as standard on the new GranTurismo. It will probably offer the same touchscreen interface and features as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. When we find out more information about the GranTurismo infotainment features, we will update this story with details.

Safety Features and Driver Assistance

It’s possible the new sports car could debut with more advanced driver assistance features than the current Maserati lineup offers. We won’t know much more until the GranTurismo gets close to production. For more information on the results of the GranTurismo crash test, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) website. Key security features likely include:

  • Standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Departure lane warning is available with the help of a lane guard
  • Adaptive cruise control available with semi-autonomous driving mode

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Maserati’s standard warranty is nothing special, with coverage that extends for four years or 50,000 miles. Rival sports cars like the Porsche 911 and BMW i8 both offer free scheduled maintenance plans to increase their value in this category.

  • Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles
  • No free scheduled maintenance

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