Diesel, prices will skyrocket: never before seen such numbers

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Anyone who has been refueling over the past few months will have noticed that diesel is always costing more than petrol.

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Let’s say that this story has been repeating itself since March. But the reason for this substantial price difference what would it be?

Claudio Spinaci, as well as president of Unem or the Union energies for mobility, formerly the Oil Union, takes care of it during an interview with “The messenger”To clarify the issue.

This is the reason for the strange phenomenon that has to do with the high prices of diesel

The phenomenon is not new because in this period of the year, the demand for gasoline has always dropped, while that for diesel instead increases, because it is used for transport, for heating as well as, even if only in a few cases, for the production of electricity.

We have never noticed the price increases over the years because the price difference between the products was at most 3-4 euro cents per liter, which was offset by at least 11 cents less in excise duty. The situation at the moment, however, is not normal given the war in Ukraine, which caused a lower availability of diesel. The drop in Russian imports made a difference. However Europe depends on Russia for 30% of diesel.

Race to buy, the risk deriving from the closure of the Priolo refinery

Because of all this, the “buying race” that ensured the companies took place supplies of diesel fuel useful to face the winter. Diesel will be used for industrial uses, for example, and there is no risk of running out of it.

In Italy the problem does not arise because we will not run out of steam as we can rely on a refining industry ready to face any emergency situation without sinking. Italy will be able to satisfy demand and minimize the impact on prices.

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The only thing that worries is the eventual closure of the Italian-Russian Isab-Lukoil refinery in Priolo which could take place on December 5, following the Moscow oil sanctions. 20% of the oil is refined there, without the plant you could face a serious problem. That is why a solution must be found as soon as possible.

For this it is necessary ensure the business continuity of the company, as soon as possible allowing to return to operate actively in the international crude oil market, without necessarily having to use Russian crude oil. We do not speak of concrete acts, but only of hypotheses to be taken into consideration if we want to avoid having to face a serious crisis ..

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