Engine light on, leave the mechanic alone: ​​put this in the tank and solve with a few €

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It may happen that once the machine is switched on, the engine light is on. But what are the causes and how should we behave both now and after? The question that everyone is asking, especially women misinforming, is precisely this.

engine warning light
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Unlike all the other warning lights, whose illumination indicates something very specific for which it is impossible to make a mistake, the engine light on it can indicate anything, so it is difficult to interpret.

It can for example refer to faults of an electrical nature as well as not. The first thing to do, especially if you are inexperienced, is to ask for help or advice from a professional so as not to make a mistake.

Engine light on, steady or flashing, here’s what it can indicate and what the problem may be

The engine warning light is yellow-orange, it is a stylized shape that can indicate that the engine is in trouble. It was introduced in vehicles with registration since 2002. Sometimes it indicates a serious malfunction, others not, it can be steady or flashing. The fixed engine light indicates that the problem concerns the engine, so it is good to request a control via the computer obviously without using the vehicle in the meantime. Self when driving the caryou notice a major power loss, then there may be serious damage.

Instead if the light is fixedyou can continue to drive the vehicle, avoiding putting the engine under stress, thus keeping it at low speeds, without sudden acceleration.

Here’s what to do if the fault is due to the EGR valves

The engine fault and the illumination of the engine warning light may also not change the behavior of the vehicle. So the car can anyway work well reporting the anomaly only in the operation of the EGR valves, or those that reduce the harmful emissions from the exhaust pipe.

Engine warning light -Motori.news

Performance is not compromised, but obviously the malfunction. The cause could be the dirty EGR valve, the problem could be solved by using specific chemical additives. Something that you can easily do on your own without asking anyone for help.

One of the strongest additives out there is Bardahl TOP DIESEL or PETROL, a bottle for a full one costs less than 15 €. Really worth a try before going to the mechanic.

The additive is used when filling up, the results are evident because it reduces the fuel consumption and causes a major increase in engine performance to occur. You will also immediately notice a greater driving comfort, since the delivery will be much smoother and less jerky.

These products can be used on any car, whether it is diesel or gasoline because they are simply used to clean the fuel injectors.

Many of these are also able to prevent the spread of mild bacteria and microbes then they lubricate all engine components until reaching important compression ratios obtaining greater efficiency and power.

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