Overtaking on the road, only motorcycles can do this: nobody knows yet

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Did you know that with the motorbike you can also overtake from the right and not only from the left as required by the Highway Code? Few people know this detail, but it is true and there are in fact some cases in which it is allowed. Let’s see when the bikes can overtake even from the right.

Overtaking on the road
Overtaking on the road – Motori.News

As we all know, or at least all those who have a driving license, that overtaking by car on the road is only allowed on the left. However, for bikes that want to overtake, there is some exceptions that lets you overtake from the right.

As foreseen by paragraph 7, article of the highway code, “overtaking must be done on the right when the driver of the vehicle you want to overtake has indicated that he intends to turn left”.

Already from this it is clear that it is allowed the motorcyclist to overtake on the other side of the road that is not the left. Let’s find out in more detail the exceptions where this can happen.

Overtaking motorcycles – motorinwes.it

In a one-way carriageway, overtaking from the right is allowed

As previously mentioned in the first paragraph, paragraph 7 establishes that overtaking must be done on the right when the driver of the vehicle you intend to overtake put the signal that has going to turn left.

This case can occur in a one-way carriageway, where there is an intention to stop on the left and the driver has already begun the maneuvers to do so. In this case, the motorcyclist can overtake from the right and continue as the other driver has warned that he is about to turn left.

motorcycles and overtaking
motorcycles and overtaking – motorinews.it

When a vehicle has to change lanes to pass the slower vehicle in front

For the Highway Code, as is well known, the overtaking from the right aside of motorcycles is not allowedbut we also pointed out that there are exceptions.

In addition to the previous one already illustrated, there is another that concerns overtaking to overcome a slower vehicle that is ahead and that is carried out by the bike when he has to move from one lane to another.

In this, overtaking is considered an overtaking, as the faster one overtakes the slower one by continuing in its own lane. At this point we can say that the maneuver of overrun on the right is allowedprovided that it happens on highways or ring roads. So from now on it is well understood that an overtaking on the road, only motorcycles can make it overtake on this side of the road, that is to the right of the roadway.

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