Air conditioning, with the spray can trick you don’t waste money and breathe better: try it

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There are several ways to clean your car’s air conditioning, more or less common. Here are some of the most effective ones you can DIY that will improve the air in your car.

Clean air conditioning canister
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Do you want to improve the air quality of your car? Clean the air conditioning with do it yourself solutions and you will see that you will get excellent results. In addition to spending little or nothing, you will have a very comfortable, livable and healthy environment. Here are some solutions to make your car’s air conditioning better.

Simple and effective methods to clean the car air conditioner

In addition to keeping the car clean for breathe better air into the passenger compartment, it is important to clean the air conditioner thoroughly. Do you want to know a really effective method? An effective method is to remove the air ventsexerting slight pressure, to clean them carefully.

Another good advice is to change the air conditioner filters often or clean them properly. Generally the filters need to be changed when the car is overhauled, but in any case they can be removed and washed, and then reassembled. To keep the car clean and therefore also the air you have to remember to turn on the air conditioner even in winter.

It only takes a few minutes to keep the environment clean and at the same time avoid the formation of mold or condensation in the device. It is advisable to turn on the air conditioner at maximum power to dry completely and eliminate any residual dust that could clog it, and you will also avoid inhaling dust, so dry well.

clean air conditioning
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Even with a can you can improve the air quality

Recharge the car air conditioner it is often the best way to get a perfectly clean appliance. In fact, before recharging, the authorized workshop performs an effective cleaning of the air conditioner, ensuring it has greater power.

Another method to clean the car air conditioner is to activate the air recirculation function at least once a week, to allow the appliance to filter out less air and particles.

Finally, you can also use one to clean the car air conditioner canister suitable for these devices, to be placed in the vehicle in different points according to the model. The treatment performed automatically by the can is sanitizing and also cleans and disinfects the tissues of the car. Now you know perfectly well how to clean the air conditioning of your car naturally and at a very low cost.