Clean dashboard, just these 3 ingredients are enough: goodbye forever dust

Cleaning the car and some of the most important parts such as the dashboard requires commitment and also the use of suitable products. Since the products on the market are often harmful, here’s how to clean the dashboard with 3 natural ingredients.

Clean the dashboard and deodorize it
Clean the dashboard and deodorize it –

Keeping the car clean is essential that every motorist should observe in order to always have a comfortable and fragrant and hygienically clean environment. But to do this you need products and there are several on the market to get the desired effects, but most contain toxic substances, harmful to health. So be careful to evaluate the choice of the product.

Which products to choose as an alternative to obtain excellent results? Here are 3 natural ingredients to effectively clean the dashboard and make it shine, but which also leave a pleasant scent in the car’s environment.

Deodorize the dashboard with dish soap

The dish soap is known for its degreasing power and for this reason it is indicated for cleaning the dashboard of the car. The product is ideal for gently treating this part of the car and as well as having a degreasing effect it also has a high polishing effect.

Clean the dashboard – Engines.News

To clean the dashboard you need to prepare a solution by mixing half a glass of dish soap in 5 liters of water and adding 5 teaspoons of baking soda, also known for its stain removal action. Mix the solution carefully and soak a sponge suitable for treating the dashboard.

Squeeze lightly e pass on the surface to be treatedthen rinse and complete the operation by drying everything with a clean microfiber cloth. The result will be a shiny dashboard!

Shiny and shiny dashboard with vinegar

If you are wondering if vinegar is a great alternative to classic products, here is the answer. Then also vinegar is an excellent natural remedy to make the dashboard shine. Widely used ingredients also in domestic cleaning for its antibacterial and sanitizing properties, vinegar thoroughly degreases and removes any stain even from the dashboard.

clean the dashboard

You can make a great solution by mixing half a cup of white vinegar, juice of one lemon and half a teaspoon of tea. Put the mixture in one bottle with vaporizer and spray on the dashboard, then wipe with a dry cloth. The effect will be magnificent and your dashboard will be shiny again, just like new.

Another alternative are ecological detergents, which you can find on the market, specific to clean the car and in particular the dashboard. These detergents are effective, do not damage materials and are not harmful to the environment. Now you know how to clean your dashboard using natural products at low cost.

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