MotoGP: Espargaro, with Aprilia a miracle like Dovizioso-Ducati. It is now forbidden to stop

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Aleix Espargaro is having a stellar year with Aprilia. Now he is enjoying himself and continues to dream big.

Espargaro, what a story with Aprilia – MotoriNews

In 2015, the year of the return, it was difficult to predict one Aprilia competitive also in MotoGP. A valid speech until 2018, a series of vintages definitely frustrating and without any significant results. Aleix Espargaro, who met the RS-GP at the end of 2016, immediately made available his experience and determination. Two features, however, that have clashed with many technical problems. With consequent bitter disappointments that led to the thought of leave the house of Noale to its fate. In 2019, however, here is the turning pointthe results improve significantly and Aprilia stops being there Cinderella of the championship. In 2021 here is the first podium, leading to this already stellar 2022. But now it doesn’t have to stop thereyou can continue to dream for another six GPs, and even beyond.

Espargaro-Aprilia like Dovizioso-Ducati

The Spaniard has reiterated this several times. The Italian colleague was his reference model at the time of signing with an Aprilia that no one wanted. Aleix Espargaro instead wanted to try, exactly as he did Andrea Dovizioso in its time. From the ashes of one Ducati difficult and intractable even for Stoner, despite the results, the masterpiece arrived after years of hard work. Pecco Bagnaia honored him, highlighting the very fast and perfect current Desmosedici as the result of what Dovizioso has done behind the scenes, giving the right indications to the engineers. Espargaro, Aprilia’s landmark, did exactly the same. Certainly also helped by the arrival of F1 from Massimo Rivola and the engagement of Lorenzo Savadori as a test driver. In 2021 the first historic podium arrived, this year there was also a victory, as well as a good series of podiums. And not only with Espargaro, but also with the new entry Maverick Vinales in exponential growth. Aprilia is now there and not to make an appearance.

Dreams of glory

The gap has widened a 33 points by the leader Fabio Quartararo, but there are still 6 GPs to go. Aleix Espargaro is still fully in the running for the great goalfor that daydream both for him and for Aprilia. And to think I wanted to leave admitted the Spaniard to “I didn’t enjoy myself anymore. I had talked to my wife about it if there was no improvement by 2018-2019 I would have thought of something else. “ In that time limit, however, confidence returns, things are clearly changing. Up to this year: after 14 GP it is the only one to have finished all the races and always in the points! “I do not have nothing to loose. I’m 33 and I just want to have fun. “ The 2022 World Cup still promises sparks, and not only with Quartararo and Bagnaia.

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