Chevy Lets Z06 Corvette Buyers Help Build Their Own Engines

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Chevrolet announced in early September that it plans to bring back the “Build Your Own Engine” program for the Corvette Z06 starting in the second quarter of 2023.

The program, which allows buyers to come to the factory and help workers assemble the engine before getting into their car, will only be available for Corvettes using the LT6 powertrain, which, for now, simply means the Z06.

“This is a real challenge for us because it’s a new engine and much more complex than anything we’ve done in the past,” said factory director Kai Spande at the 28th anniversary celebrations for the Corvette Museum, recorded by Corvette Blogger.

“We’ve done a few things that I think those who build their engines will really appreciate,” continued Spande.

Previous iterations of the Build Your Own Engine program meant buyers would join assembly workers to help assemble their bikes. However, for the year 2023, the Bowling Green, Kentucky, factory has designed a factory-specific area where participants can help assemble their machine with the professionals without having to go down.

The Build Your Own Engine program was a $5000 option in the past, according to Corvette Blogger. Considering all the new factory-made accommodations to add this option back to the floor, we’re betting it’s going to be a lot more expensive this time around.

We have contacted Chevrolet for official pricing.

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