Mustang Cobra Jet Faces Hellcat Challenger, ‘Stangs On The Older Drag Strip

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We’ve seen plenty of drag racing videos featuring the Ford Mustang, but it’s rare that we see the Cobra Jet in action. You won’t find the new Mustang Cobra Jet at the dealership, nor will you see it on the road. Meaning, you won’t see it legally, because Ford made this particular Mustang specifically for drag racing.

Having said that, Cobra Jets are rare enough that catching them in action is fun. We don’t have details on the specific version seen here, other than to say that it’s no problem getting into the 9-second range in the quarter mile. Video is from Drag Racing and Item Cars YouTube channel, and the Cobra Jet is the star for taking on classic first-generation Mustangs, the infamous “Terminator” Mustang Cobra from the early 2000s, and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

The first battle for the Cobra Jet was the classic Mustang fastback with its fat slick and engine components sticking out of the hood. It’s a generational fight that sees both cars hurtling down the pro tree (no yellow to green countdown, just a quick flash and go), with a breakout time of 9.10 seconds. If any of the drivers go faster than that, they are disqualified and the Cobra Jet approaches. It cruised 9.18 at 132 mph, beating the old school Mustang’s 9.36 time.

The next fight sees a Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the opponent’s lane, and with a parachute hanging behind you know it’s not stock. Both cars lifted the front wheels at launch, but the Cobra Jet driver had a much better reaction time and took an early lead. It held all the way through the finish line, with the Mustang going 9.19 at 142 mph to the 9.37 Challenger at 140 mph. Record two wins for Cobra Jet.

The final race saw another Mustang enter the arena, this one wearing the front fascia of the famous 2003-2004 SVT Cobra “Terminator” model. Whether or not it’s a legit Terminator is unknown, but with a supercharger sticking out through the hood and a parachute in the back, it’s a very worthy opponent. This fight was easily the best race of the night, with both cars going very close to the 9.10 threshold in side-by-side passes.

Who wins? We’ll save the result for video, because it’s definitely a keeper.

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