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A sore issue for Italians, car taxes are among the most hated, however there are those who are worse off than us. In fact, even if many do not know it, among the countries of the European Union, there are those who pay more, let’s find out in detail how the situation is.

Car taxes
Car taxes –

The car taxes they are a worry for Italian families who already have enough problems given the current economic crisis. However, the car is a means that cannot be missing, even if it weighs on the family budget.

However, we are not the ones who pay the most, in Europe there are countries where car taxes are higher and which have a greater tax burden. Let’s see how car taxes work in EU countries, and which city is where car taxes have a higher cost.

Belgium pays the most car taxes

It is not at all true that Italy is the country where you pay more car taxesin fact al first place is Belgium. That’s right, Belgium holds the record for the highest tax burden on cars and for each vehicle drivers spend on average 2,892 euros per year.

In second place he ranks Finlandwith an average cost of 2,723 euros per car per year, in third place Ireland with 2.438, Austria in fourth with 2.409 and fifth Denmark with 2,217 euros per vehicle. As for Italy, the average expenditure for each vehicle per year is around 1,727 euros, in line with Germanywhere the expenditure is 1,764 and with France, where it stands at 1,625 euros.

car taxes –

Less is spent in Greece and Spain

How is the situation regarding Greece and Spain? Instead, the situation is different Greece and Spainwhere is it you spend less. In Greece the costs are around 1,264, while in Spain around 1,148 euros. As known, VAT weighs on the cost of carswhich differs from country to country.

Where are the costs lowest? It is lowest in countries such as Germany, Romania, Cyprus and Luxembourg, where it ranges from 17% to 19%, while in countries such as Hungary, Greece and Finland it ranges from 24% to 27%.

In our country the blow comes from excise duties on fuels, which were even higher before the government intervened, but the Netherlands holds the highest excise duty record with 82 cents / liter. Now you have the big picture on the costs incurred for car taxes across Europe.

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