Honda CR-V 2023 More Expensive Than Before, Hybrid Gets 40 MPG

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  • Honda has released pricing for the new CR-V 2023, which is available in hybrid and non-hybrid forms.
  • The EX is now the base trim, and prices start at $32,355 — a whopping $4310 more than last year’s LX.
  • The EPA rating for the hybrid is out, and it combines up to 40 mpg.

Honda has announced pricing for the new CR-V 2023 compact crossover, along with fuel economy ratings for hybrid and nonhybrid models. The new model follows the trend of many other vehicles today and eliminates the base trim level, meaning the entry point is much higher than before. The CR-V EX 2023 starts at $32,355, which is $1800 more expensive than last year’s EX and $4310 more than last year’s base LX.

Front-wheel drive and a turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four are standard, with an all-wheel drive option for $1500. Among the non-hybrid models, there’s also a $35,005 EX-L trim with a bit more gear including leather upholstery and a larger touchscreen. .

The hybrid lineup starts with the $33,695 CR-V Sport, which introduces a front-wheel-drive hybrid model not available on the previous generation CR-V. This means achieving a higher mpg rating than before, with the EPA’s combined estimate increasing from 38 mpg to 40 mpg. The CR-V Sport Touring 2023, a fully-equipped model including 19-inch wheels, an upgraded audio system also only comes as a hybrid. Starting at $39,845, or $800 more than last year’s Touring hybrid model. The CR-V Sport Touring only comes in all-wheel drive and has a combined speed of 37 mpg.

Honda says that the nonhybrid CR-V will arrive at dealerships from September 22, with the hybrid set to go on sale in October.

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