Remove the stains from the bumpers, all you need is one simple ingredient: run to the bathroom

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To get rid of rubber stains and a few small scratches from your car’s bumper, there is an amazing method. Perhaps not everyone knows that a simple and common ingredient in your bathroom will help you to remove dirt and stains from the bumper! Incredible to say, but that’s right! Let’s go to the discovery of this innovative solution!

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Everyone will have seen dirt and stains on the bumper of their car. They are due to the normal use of the car. Especially in parking lots, it is easy for someone to unintentionally “lean” their wheels against your bumper. The tires are – obviously – dirty and, therefore, cause stains on the bumper. They are apparently indelible or – in any case – very difficult to eliminate. In reality, there is a simple, practical and economical solution that will allow you to make the exterior of the car shine again! Here’s which one!

To get rid of dirt and small scratches in some cases, you won’t have to go to the body shop. You will avoid spending money on this little maintenance action! In fact, a particular accessory will be able to make the bumper look like new again!

But what ingredient will be used to remove tire stains from your car bumper? Here is everything you need to know about the innovative use of an accessory that is regularly present in your bathroom! Its action will surprise you!

Here is the ingredient that will allow you to remove stains on the bumper!

Your car’s bumpers and bodywork are often prone to stains or minor scratches. Nothing shocking, but – especially for those who love their car and its cleanliness at all times – this thing could annoy! There is, however, a simple and easy way to get rid of dirt, stains and some light abrasions! Here’s how to do it and what to know!

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There is an ingredient you use every day for cleaning your teeth that will come to your aid, not only to protect against cavities, but also to make your car shine again! We refer to ordinary toothpaste. This ingredient, in fact, it will replace the abrasive paste usually used by the coachbuilder for the removal of stains and small scratches. The substances present in the toothpaste will be able in a few seconds to eliminate small abrasions and rubber stains from the bodywork.

News that will please you, saving you a few tens of euros. Something very important, especially in a period like this with many increases in every sector! Just squeeze the toothpaste from the tube onto a regular microfiber cloth. After doing this, you will make small circular motions with the toothpaste-soaked cloth.

Bumper toothpaste
Toothpaste can be used to remove tire stains from the bumper. Here’s how – Motori.News

After about 30 seconds, this ingredient – used, as mentioned, in place of the abrasive paste – will take effect! Furthermore, it is important that drying should be done in a not too hard and energetic way. In fact, you will avoid ruining the painting of the car and the bumper! Seeing is believing!

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