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No.Despite the blue stripes require by law to pay for parking, there are cases in which it is absolutely free, let’s find out what they are.

Blue stripes
Blue stripes –

When you have to park your car, it is normal to choose the white stripes in order not to pay, but often you are forced to put the car on the blue ones due to the lack of the first ones. However, you don’t always have to paythere are some cases in which parking on the blue lines is free by law, if you are wondering let’s go and see what they are in detail.

You do not pay for parking in the blue lines when the parking meter is broken

Is the parking meter broken and you cannot pay for parking in the blue lines? Well, don’t worry, no one can fine you and you won’t even have to move the car. As required by law, the municipality must ensure the correct functioning of parking meters to ensure that citizens can use them.

Before exulting, however, it is necessary to check if in the immediate vicinity there are others functioning parking meters, so as to be able to take the ticket to be affixed to the car. In this case, the law does not establish a limit distance to be traveled with respect to the point where the car was parked.

At this point, therefore, just let common sense prevail and if the working parking meter is easy to reach, arrange for the ticket, but if it is too far away, the rule that parking on the blue lines does not need to be paid applies.

parking meter with blue stripes
parking meter for parking payment –

In any case, in order to assert their reasons and avoid the sanction, take a picture of the parking meter, in order to certify its malfunction. Also, call the municipal police to report that the parking meter is broken. In case you can show the photo as proof.

Free parking on the blue lines when the white ones are insufficient

Another interesting case in which you can park for free on the blue lines concerns the presence of insufficient white stripes in a municipality.

In fact, by law, municipalities must equally alternate paid parking and free parking, but it often happens that those with white stripes are so few that citizens are forced to park on the blue stripes.

It is real speculation to the detriment of citizenswhich, however, can refuse to pay for parking in the blue lines, due to the lack of compliance by the Municipality.

As we have seen, there are cases in which parking on the blue lines does not have to be paid, and knowing which ones are allows you to assert your rights.

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