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Do you have dirty car headlights and don’t know how to clean them? Here is a solution that you do not expect, but which you will certainly no longer be able to do without given its effectiveness. Let’s find out what it is!

Wax candles for cars
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The maintenance of the car also includes the headlights, which are often neglected but which are in any case an important element for safety while driving, especially at night, which is considered more dangerous.

There are protective products on the market, which remove dirt and opacity from the headlightsbut sometimes they do not fit into household budgets, or perhaps do not provide the desired effects.

So here is an economical solution to make your headlights shine, to be prepared with an easy-to-find product, the candle wax!


With the wax of the candles it creates a protective film on the headlights

Having the car’s headlights always clean and bright is essential for driving safely at night. Unfortunately dirt accumulates easily on the headlights and it often happens that they become opaque, so much so that they seem not to emit light.

How to do to keep them clean and shiny? You won’t believe it, but with candle wax combined with a substance like acetone you can get it incredible results.

There is no need to resort to expensive and sometimes even ineffective products, with this solution you can make your car’s headlights shiny and waterproof.

How to prepare the mixture with candle wax

There mixture with candle wax it is easy to prepare. First of all you need to get yourself a candleone of the cheap ones is fine, you can also find it in the house that has been preserved for some time and you can reuse it.

Get yourself too a steel graterfrom those by hand, which are used to grate cheese at the table. You take a bowl, wax grater inside and add acetonethen mix with a teaspoon.

At this point take a microfiber cloth and dip it into the solution you prepared. Pass it over the car’s headlights to remove dirt and opacity that prevents light from filtering through.

The effect obtained is that of having created one shiny and protective patina, which resists dirt and you can personally try to throw something to see that it doesn’t get scratched. The result is sensational and lasts a long time! So this method must be absolutely tried to have a car that is always clean and impeccable, which will save you money and time, when your car gets dirty with earth or mud, everything will slip away in a heartbeat.

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