Car tires, the trick that law enforcement agencies use to see if you have them in order

Car tires, during a check, the police pay attention to any detail, they even check the wheels to try to understand if everything is in order.

Car tires
Car tires

The wheels they must have precise measurements, otherwise there is a risk of fines even of quite high figures.

In order not to risk getting a fine before leaving for long journeys, it is advisable to check everything. But what? In particular as regards the wheels, you can use a 2 euro coin which, as absurd as it may seem, can really save lives.

Car tires, as they must be in order not to risk penalties

What are the characteristics that car tires must have? Car tires must have one 1.60 mm main tread groove depth. This can be checked with a 2 euro coin. According to the Highway Code, the tires of mopeds, motorcycles, mopeds, trailers must be practically perfect before entering traffic, therefore free of even minimal injuries. These can compromise security.

Traveling in unsafe conditions exposes you to the risk of receiving hefty fines. If you drive on a vehicle that has one or more inefficient tires, you risk fines from 80 euros to 318 euros. The wide grooves placed in the central area of ​​the tread, they cover three quarters of its surface.

finished rubber
finished rubber –

How to check car tire pressure with a coin

How do you check the pressure of car tires? Here is the answer: To control your blood pressure, you just need to practice a trick that always works. It is a fast artisan method, which allows you to check the wear of car tires in a few seconds. Just insert a 2 euro coin into the tire tread.

Where the gum should exceed the level of the silver crown then it means that it is deeper than normal and therefore exceeds 1.6 mm so you have to run for cover and regularize everything. Otherwise you can leave in total serenity.

This year, a cause of the post-pandemic crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war, Costs have risen a lot and will soon affect the automotive sector more than it has hitherto. For example between the months of the year like December and January there they will be important increases on the fines that will have significantly higher costs. So try to follow the advice given to avoid taking hefty fines that you will have to pay, when instead just follow these tips to avoid it permanently.

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