Car interior cleaning, the solution is not the vacuum cleaner but this do-it-yourself gadget: it is BRILLIANT

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Is your car often dirty or full of dust? Don’t have the time and desire to take it often to wash? There is a very practical solution to remove the coarser dirt in many areas of your car! The trick that we propose will surprise you, we are convinced that you will immediately try this method!

Drill – Motori.News

We all care about cleaning not only the exterior but also the interior of our car! However, lack of time can often lead us to neglect the removal of the most stubborn dirt on the seats or the dust inside the car! How to remove dust and dirt in a practical, economical and fast way without necessarily having to take the car to the car wash every week? Here is a trick which will make your life easier and also make you have fun!

Having a clean indoor environment is very important, especially if you usually use the machine for trips due to work or other things for several hours a day. In addition to a clean smell, it is essential not to breathe the dust, especially for those with allergies!

If you intend to keep your car clean at all times, there is a method that is as practical as it is quick. A solution that few have thought of until today. Which? Here’s in detail everything you need to know about this innovative method for removing dirt and dust from inside the passenger compartment!

The innovative way to remove dirt and dust from your car!

To properly clean the coarse dirt inside your car, you will need to get a toilet brush and a drill! Yes, you got it right! Although these two tools are totally opposite as far as their main purposes are concerned, in the method we propose – when used together – they will act as a truly innovative solution for cleaning your car! How to use the mop and drill for dirt removal?

Dirt and dust
Dirt inside the car – Motori.News

Take a normal toilet brush for cleaning the toilet and shorten the stick. Insert it as a special drill bit and that’s it. You can use the mop using the power of the drill! Once this “new” tool is turned on, you will be able to easily “sweep” away the coarse dirt and dust from the seats, on the dashboard and in any area inside your car!

Obviously this will only be a first step to remove the most noticeable dirt inside the car. For a better cleaning action, it will also be essential to carry out other actions, such as washing, wiping a cloth with hygienic products and much more!

Brush drill
The bathroom brush method of the drill for removing dust and dirt from the car – Motori.News

The bathroom brush and drill method, however, is an optimal solution to make the seats cleaner, so that passengers do not sit and do not sit in dirty places. We are confident that after reading this article, you will immediately hit the road to try this simple and practical solution for dust removal!

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