Mercedes S600 Sitting For 8 Years Looks New After Extensive Details

The W140 generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is still considered one of the automaker’s pinnacle achievements of the past century. Stylish, comfortable and incredibly powerful in several versions, the S (W140) is still in demand in the used car market, especially the rarer V8 and V12 powered models. There are now fewer and fewer examples surviving, and we’re pleased to see one S600 model restored to its original condition.

By restored, we don’t mean actual nut and bolt restoration, but rather extensive washing and detailing. What we are talking about is a new video from NYC ammunition active channel Youtube, which shows us the W140 with the V12 engine under the hood being washed for the first time in eight years. The vehicle had been sitting in the garage for some time and it was finally time for the big sedan to get back on the road.

The process begins with washing the details of the underbody and wheel arches. Special chemicals and brushes are used to lower the suspension, exhaust, and other vehicle components. Next is the engine room that gets the same attention, followed by the exterior and wheels. Each area is treated with a different choice of chemicals, brushes and sponges. But this is only the beginning.

The interior is as bad as the exterior and requires extensive procedures. It all started with a vacuum and then a few brush strokes to all the panels in the cabin, followed by steam engine work. The leather upholstery is then washed and treated with a special detergent. Almost every surface in the car is thoroughly cleaned with a steam engine.

Again, that’s not everything. There are many small processes involved in the complete detail of the S600. We love to see one rare and amazing Mercedes returned to (almost) factory condition even without a full restoration. If you have about 25 minutes, be sure to watch the entire video at the top of this page – it’s a lot of fun.

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