Remove the hair from the upholstery, scrub with this glove and see what happens – amazing

Generally, you should clean and sanitize your car regularly, at least once a month. If you have a pet, however, you should clean the car more often, preferably once a week. Between holidays, walks in the park and visits to the vet, dog hair accumulates on seats and carpets: parasites can lurk in its hair.

Car upholstery
Car upholstery – Motori.News

Absolutely must remove hair from the car upholstery: Hygiene is essential for your health and that of your family, especially that of the children you transport to school.

We want to suggest you a simple, economical, fast and effective system able to make the cleaning operation very easy.

Removing hair from car upholstery: a simple and effective method

Many use a vacuum cleaner which, however, is not able to remove hair from the upholstery 100%.

The simple and effective method that we want to reveal to you uses rubber gloveseven better if knurled because they ensure greater grip.

All you have to do is put them on and rub your gloved hands against the carpet or seat to be cleaned. It’s a scientific method and it consists in this: the rubbing of the hands on the carpet creates static electricity which attracts the dog’s hair to itself, makes them resurface and easily catches them.

Eventually, it will create a nice fur ball. You could also lightly dampen the gloves or carpet to allow the hairs to clump together.

upholstery hairs
remove upholstery hair –

To do this, you can use simple rubber gloves, the ones you use for washing dishes, or bring a pair of grooming gloves made with special material and featuring bumps designed to remove your dog’s excess hair.

This method works perfectly for cleaning upholstery, seats and car seats as well as sofas and carpets in the home.

Other systems that take advantage of static electricity

To remove dog hair from the car upholstery, everything related to rubber or that creates static electricity works. THE balloons, for example, those used to color birthday parties. Rubbing them creates static electricity and will easily attract dog hair that invades your car but this system, as well as being more challenging generally than rubber gloves, will not work to capture hair embedded in car seats.

hair upholstery
remove upholstery hair –

Also sheets for the dryer they can work to clean the car by removing dog hair. It also uses static electricity like the previous ones. Run a dryer sheet to lift most of the hair.

The method of rubber gloves remains the simplest, fastest and most effective one. Try it and you will see the results.

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