Buick Will Offer Purchases to Dealers Who Don’t Want to Sell EVs

Buick started June this year with a revelation – it will be a full-fledged EV brand by the end of the decade. The first production Buick electric vehicle will launch in 2024 for the North American market. Naturally, this move requires dealers to invest money in converting their showrooms and service centers to service electric vehicles, which includes charging stations and other upgrades.

For dealers who don’t want to make that big investment, Buick will offer a buy-in. This was confirmed by the Global VP of Buick, Duncan Aldred, to Wall Street Journalthe first to report about the offer.

“Not everyone wants to make that trip, depending on where they are or the level of spending the transition will require,” said Aldred. WSJ. “So if they want to leave the Buick franchise, then we’re going to give them the money to do it.”

There are 1,963 Buick dealers in the US according to Automotive News‘ Dealer Census Data. The majority of these dealers work closely with GMC – only 13 stand-alone dealers. Those who will take the purchase may be able to continue selling other GM brands.

Buick will sell EVs under the Electra nameplate, while using an alphanumeric identifier for each model.

“The new Buick logo, the use of the Electra naming series, and the new design look for our future products will change the brand,” Aldred said in an earlier statement.

As mentioned, the first Buick EV will be introduced in 2024. The Wildcat EV concept (pictured above) showcases Buick’s new design language in its transition to electric power. The company has also introduced several models aimed at the Chinese market – one of which is already sporting the latest styles.

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