Checkpoints are controlling this to all Italians: bursting fines

Today there is no person who does not have a car at his disposal with which to move in full autonomy at any time of day or night. Even novice drivers have one, because once they have tried and taken their license, nothing and nobody can stop them.

Fine block places
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When you buy a car, however, you are usually superficial and do not pay attention to some small but at the same time significant details, which should be paid attention to. to avoid falling into a very heavy penalty.

In recent years, motor vehicles have practically established themselves in the lives of all of us. In fact, if before you could move even without a car, now this is indispensable. You can’t go anywhere without it, you also use it to travel for a few kilometers, not to work too hard.

Zero emission cars

In 2022, zero-emission cars are particularly fashionable, so much so that those who have a driving license, even if recently, they have a car of this kind which allows you to drive in peace and at the same time save important sums. Obviously these cars cost a little more but are a real long term bargain as they don’t require the same maintenance as a petrol or diesel car.

At the checkpoint usually at least one agent is positioned and asks, just like specified by the highway code, driving license and booklet. In some cases, an insurance certificate may also be requested, which must always be carried with you in the car. However, it must be emphasized that today there is no obligation to show it to the police for any reason.

What the police check at checkpoints

The police in particular can inspect the vehicle to verify that everything is in order for example to check that every piece in the car is homologated. Subsequently, it can also force the driver not to move forward, especially if and when the visual signaling and lighting devices should have irregularities or should be damaged and therefore not functioning.

In this case the driver of the car can be considered a danger to those around him. If, for example, the dipped beam does not work, the driver must step aside until problem solving.

Furthermore, according to the highway code, the police can stop users present in traffic at any time as soon as they notice irregularities. All this, only as long as the check is done without hindering the circulation, in a quiet, almost secluded place so as not to slow it down or even block it.

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