Red triangle on the windows of the car, if you see it start to worry: it is dangerous

In case of strong wind, you must always know what to do to avoid creating dangerous situations that could also be the cause of serious accidents. There is a triangle that we often see attached to the windows of the car or doors, but which we do not know what it indicates and what it refers to.

Triangle attached glazing
Triangle attached glass – Motori.News

We all know that when we are in areas exposed to the wind, for example in the open countrysidewe must put ourselves in a position as sheltered as possible. This is because suspended objects, whether small or large, may suddenly fall due to the wind. This can happen not only in the open countryside, but also in the city, where there is a risk that the plant pots on the balconies suddenly fall.

You must also stay away from tree-lined streets, for the same reason, because the branches could break off and fall on the car and break the windows.


Triangle on the car windows, here’s how to behave

The triangle attached to the glass of the car or to that of the doors and windows of public activities, indicates the danger of glass breaking due to the wind. So when there are strong gusts the first thing to do is to keep away from the doors, while when they have to close, it is recommended to do it slowly.

The door, the door, the window, when this triangle is present, must be accompanied slowly, avoiding slamming them. The impact and the gust of wind together could cause it to break.

Another fact that could happen to you is to see your door fly off. If the wind is against, it could open very quickly when you open it and the great force exerted by the wind can break the hinges that support the door.

The recommendations of the Civil Protection

All mobile structures are therefore risky, even those in which there are tents or sheets, scaffolding or gazebos. The rules of conduct must always and in any case be followed with care and attention.

This is it which recommends the Civil Protection which points out that many accidents, strange as it may seem, occur in the most trivial and unthinkable situations, such as closing a car door or a door or a window. Attention is never too much.

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