Car tax, with these machines you DO NOT pay for it: the complete list

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Car tax is a damn for motorists who can’t accept being forced to pay so much tax on their car.

Car stamp

Insurance, car tax, checks, everything that allows you to maintain the vehicle, has a cost and above all at this time it also has excessive weight.

Anyone is constantly waiting to receive good news regarding the payment of the car tax. Especially expect and hopefully that out of nowhere the news arrives that the stamp duty does not have to be paid because the state has decided to rush to the rescue of families in difficulty. Just what happened during the pandemic.

The cars exempt from paying the car tax

In fact, not everyone knows this but there are cars that they do not require the payment of the car tax and that at least on this side allow you to save. Regarding the payment of the overdue car tax there are methods that allow you to avoid the controls of the Revenue Agency.

The car tax is a tax hated by all Italians, so many over the years have decided not to pay it. This year even more than before as the costs have reached the stars.

To start, the cars that allow you to not pay the road tax are all electric cars. These, compared to the others, are exempt from the stamp, because the state wants to incentivize Italians to buy and use them. Among the hottest models right now are:

  • DACIA SPRINGS one of the cheapest starts at a price of 21,000 euros.
  • SMART EQ FORTWO the smallest and most compact with a range that exceeds 100km, its price starts at 25,000 euros.
  • Breath 500e it is the most requested and sold in Europe, the autonomy is variable according to the capacity of the batteries starting from 185km up to 320km with one charge. the price? even that starts from 27,000 euros up to over 37,000 euros
  • Opel Corsa-e with a very sporty air, an engine that reaches 136 HP and 335 km of autonomy. Starting price 34,000 euros

The cars covered by law 104, used for the transport of the disabled. Finally there are even vintage cars.

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Get up to speed with your back tax payments

If the car tax from previous years is not in order, it is always possible to fix everything before it’s too late. The stamp is a regional tax, it does not depend on the circulation of the vehicle but on the property. Time to pay expires on the last day of the month after enrollment. If you are late with your payments, you can get back in good standing by paying within 14 days with low interest. A payment made 30 days after the due date must be paid 1.5% more of the amount, after one year from the due date 30% must be paid.

If, on the other hand, the stamp car has not been paid for more than three years, it gets serious. This is because after three years, the tax bill arrives, from that moment you have 60 days for payment. If not even within this deadline we have to comply with the payments, we proceed with the forced executions. At this point, the administrative stop of the vehicle is triggered. To check if you are up to date with payments, just enter the website of the revenue agency or that of the ACI.

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