Petrol stations on the motorway, refueling here is not convenient: 4 tricks to save

Gasoline costs continue to rise, but it costs even more to refuel on the motorway, where prices are exorbitant. Let’s find out why and how to save.

Freeway petrol stations cost increased
Motorway petrol stations cost increased – Motori.News

In a period of price increases in all sectors, the petrol sector shows no sign of stopping and indeed there are places where it costs even more than elsewhere, such as on the motorway. Who is responsible for these increases, and in the case of gasoline, how come on the motorway it even costs 30% more? There are many factors that affect gasoline costs, let’s get to know them in detail to better understand what is happening.

Because petrol on the highway costs more

There are several factors that influence the costs of gasoline on the motorway, even higher by 30%. Here are the main ones:

Concession to the motorway company

The final cost of the fuel includes a series of salaries that go to the state, the manufacturer, the transport, the highway company and finally the pump operator. Of the final cost of fuel, the operator yields about 4%.

Motorway petrol stations –

Very high costs

The expenses of a distributor located on the motorway are higher than those of one located elsewhere. Between very high rents and employee costs, sometimes the expenses are unsustainable. In addition, they must keep open 24 hours a day, a detail that raises costs to the stars.

High demand

In the face of high demand for a shortage of goods, prices inevitably rise. And that’s what happens with gasoline, the final price of which skyrockets.

Tricks to save gas on the highway

As we have seen, the costs of petrol on the motorway are exorbitant and therefore refueling is not convenient. To avoid getting stranded, it is therefore advisable to follow some suggestions. Here are some valid tricks:

  • Refuel with quality fuelwhich ensures a better performance and allows you to go on for more kilometers than a low cost fuel.
  • Stay the as much as possible in the same laneavoiding overtaking and therefore avoiding actions such as accelerating and decelerating, which waste more fuel.
  • To insert a higher gear makes the engine do fewer revolutions per minute and consume less.
  • Traveling to a moderate gait it does not put stress on the engine and allows you to waste 30% less petrol.

The most convenient option is to go to a city petrol station before setting off on the highway, where prices are much lower. To save further, it is advisable to fill up the white pumps, which have cheaper prices than the most famous companies.

There are also those who carry a tank directly in the trunk, so as not to be forced to pay a higher cost for refueling on the motorway. Just stop at the first parking area, fill the tank with the tank and you’re done.

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