MotoGP, Bagnaia is convinced: “Marquez did exactly what I expected”

Marc Marquez has reappeared in the last MotoGP tests, with results that have left the other riders stunned. Is the return to the race close?

Marc Marquez, is the return close? – MotoriNews

The tests have just been completed MotoGP in Misano. The focus is clearly all on the dominator of the category of the last decade, engaged in a difficult recovery. Marc Marquez however, it did not go unnoticed, and not only for its championship value. The multi-champion from Cervera, stopped since last May for fourth intervention, has already managed to shine. A long stop which doesn’t seem to have left a mark with regards to its speed. In addition to hard work, well 100 turns in the report in total, a sign of the determination to return to the champion of the past. Category colleagues observed with clear interest his job and they make no secret of expecting it to be in action very, very soon.

Soon a duel between champions?

Fabio Quartararo for example, he is still waiting for his revenge. It was 2019 when we witnessed the first direct clashes between him and Marc Marquez. Except then Yamaha’s Frenchman was a rookiethe Honda Spaniard instead was flying with safety towards his eighth and so far last world champion in his career. Despite everything, there were already signs of what could have been one breathtaking rivalry… And which unfortunately it was not, given the injury of that damned GP in Jerez in 2020. Since then Marquez has fought with his arm, Quartararo instead is grown up exponentially and is still growing. The 2021 world champion said he was surprised of the colleague’s tests, even if up to a certain point. “There’s a reason he’s a six-time MotoGP champion” he remarked. Probably he hopes so, to soon resume the thread of a duel between champions that could already be stellar.

MotoGP awaits Marc Marquez

Another one who certainly hopes for Marquez’s return, even though he never says so, is Pecco Bagnaia. After the growth in the last GPs, he is now Quartararo’s undisputed rival for the world crown. But who knows against # 93… In the meantime, however, there is also a comment from him on the Misano tests. “I’m not surprised, Marc Marquez did exactly what I expected him to do.” A sure demonstration of esteem towards a driver who at 29 won a lot, despite the two dark years. It follows the conviction (his of him as of all the other riders) that the Honda standard bearer could return to action already at Aragonor in the next GP. “Speed ​​has it, we’ve seen it.” MotoGP awaits Marc Marquezwe will see if the Cervera champion will already be able to respond present …

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