Water-repellent glass, these two ingredients are enough for you to stop dirt from sticking

Taking care of the car is important both to ensure a long life for the vehicle and for safety reasons. The water-repellent windows allow you to drive better, because being always clean and clear, visibility is 100%.

Water repellent glass
Water repellent glass – Motori.News

Car windows are a big problem because you never know how to clean them and make sure they are really clean without stains dirt of any kind.

But washing them is always problematic because even if you use the products indicated, the result is never what you hoped for. Moreover, sometimes based on what falls on it, while remaining there to rub for a long time, the glass remains stained, full of halos.

Homemade repellent treatment, that’s what you need

Few people know that there is a treatment that you can do very well at home too, which allows you to have water-repellent glasses. Only two miraculous ingredients are needed, the effect is incredible from the first pass. For days the windows will be spotless, there dirt will slip over.

For this treatment you need only two ingredients that everyone has at home, candle wax and a little bit of alcohol. Must crumble the wax in a glass, in small pieces to make it melt before and without difficulty. Then it pours into it clear alcohol and mix the two ingredients together. Keep stirring until the wax has melted completely. Once done, take a soft cloth, it gets wet inside this solution e you rub it gently against the windows and windshield. The result will be incredibly satisfying.

What are the advantages of water repellent glasses

Having water-repellent windows means enjoying the maximum effectiveness and duration of the windshield wipers and therefore of the brushes. These, running over a smooth and clean surface, do not deteriorate as they do when they try to remove dirt of any kind. Because of dirty glassesthe wipers fail sooner.

Water repellent glass -Motori.news

By being clean at all times, drivers have better visibility even in rain at any speed. The drops of water slide off the windshield. Obviously you can also count on greater protection from insects that are unlikely to squash against the glass.

In the end, in case of defrost, it will take much less time because the repellent treatment limits the adhesion of dirt and all elements such as ice to the windshield. It will always take a few minutes to clean the windshield. Furthermore, even if the car is not perfectly clean, the windows will be clean on any occasion. In the end, what matters is only the visibility.

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