Driving stress, always take some laurel leaves with you and see what happens: incredible

Those who suffer from anger and stress in life, but especially in the car while driving, should look for valid remedies to put an end to this unnecessary suffering. Driving a vehicle puts pressure, if you do not feel comfortable, being anxious individuals, the driving experience becomes a real nightmare.

Laurel guide
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But do not worry, there is a remedy for everything, even for this. No medicines of any kind are needed to solve the problembut natural products that we use daily for cooking or to prepare drinks that can be useful in a thousand ways.

Not everyone knows, but bay leaves are miraculous in this field. This is confirmed by the University of Salerno which recently conducted a very interesting study on the leaves of this plant, analyzing all its biological qualities.

Anger and stress, these are the components that work wonders

Laurel leaves have three components that reduce anxiety, it is pinene, an organic substance, belonging to the class of terpenes, it is an essential oil, which has a calming and relaxing effect. Cineole follows, which reduces nervousness and pain, in fact it can be applied to painful areas like a cream. It can even be used for massages, just like an essential oil.

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Linalool follows, also known as limonene, which is used as an intermediate chemical reagent for the production of vitamins, especially vitamin E. Laurel is a natural relaxant, acts anger and stress while driving and in everyday life, takes over when the brain he cannot accompany us to face a threat.

The laurel leaves are able to counteract the pressure in the chest, a symbol of an anxious state or an imminent panic attack. They deflate the stomach, so they act positively even in case of inflammation, they are a panacea for gastritis, for intestinal problems. Finally, they strengthen heart health.

How the natural painkiller works on our body

In short, they are a natural pain reliever that leverages linalool, which reduces cortisol or the stress hormone and calms the mind. In the car you can take a bag with bay leaves with you, so in case of stress and nervousness, you can just smell a leaf. The result is imminent.

Alternatively, it can prepare an infusion with a liter of water, 5 bay leaves, two cinnamon sticks. They are all poured into the water and left to infuse for 20 minutes or a maximum of half an hour. Then it filters the content and moves in a bottle that can be carried with you at any time.

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