Peg in the sun visor, because everyone is doing it: it solves a common problem

Peg in the sun visor – that’s what it’s for. You solve a very common problem. Here’s what it is.

Clothespin in the car
Clip on the sun visor of the car – Motori.News

What a nuisance the sun’s rays when driving! The sun visor it is very useful because it allows the driver to shield his eyes from the sun’s rays and to stay focused on the road. The sun visor has an adjustable inclination and, depending on your needs, you can position it in the best way to prevent the sun’s rays from preventing us from seeing the road. In addition to being adjustable, the sun visor is also foldable and space-saving.

Sun visor: what is it for?

With sunny days it happens to be dazzled by the rays of the sun during the day or by the light of the night lights. To solve this problem, it is good to use the sun visor shield, which lowers with the hand and allows the glare of the sun to be attenuated, allowing the driver to see the road in an absolutely clear way. It happens to be stationary at traffic lights and the sun’s rays do not allow us to visualize the color of the light signal: this puts us in difficulty with ourselves and with other motorists.

Or we are on the motorway and the sun’s rays prevent us from seeing the road and any obstacles on the roadway, in this case the sun visor can help us keep control of the road. Another situation in which the sun visor can be of great help is during the night: it happens to be dazzled by the effects of a vehicle that passes in the opposite direction to ours.

In this case, the sun visor represents a valid solution to remain vigilant on the road. The sun visor is the only shielding device that uses chromatic diffusion and refraction technology to ensure one safe and absolutely clear visibility.

Sun visor
clothespin in the sun visor –

The sun visor is a visor for day and night use, it allows you to revive the colors and increase the sharpness and contrast, it inhibits the sun’s rays from penetrating and blocks the glare of the headlights during the night hours, it can be used in any car, motorhomes and trucks and is easy to place. Sun visors improve vision while driving, both day and night, and eliminate the glare of the sun’s rays.

Moletta in the sun visor: what is it for?

Once you understand the use of the sun visors, it is good to understand what the use of a clothespin is. Not everyone is aware that just getting one clothespin useful for holding sunglasses. Just place them in the sun visor to have them always ready for use and to prevent the sunglasses themselves from falling out.

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