Drowsy driving, the only thing that can be saved is THIS and to think that we always use it in the kitchen

It happens at least once in your life, to feel sleepiness take over while you are driving. This feeling causes panic, you get confused because you don’t know how and what to do to solve the problem without consequences of any kind.

Drowsiness while driving
Sleepy driving person – Motori.news

We go in search of a thousand remedies, which unfortunately often do not work, in order to avoid accidents along the way they can also end in tragedy. We know how many accidents happen daily on the Italian and non-Italian roads, due to distraction and falling asleep, which can be fatal.

Yet none of the usual remedies, which everyone talks about, seem to really work. Many use lemon, one of the most loved citrus fruits used in cooking for the preparation of different dishes. But the question everyone ask is mainly one: does it really work?

The natural remedy for drowsiness, a citrus fruit that we all have at home

The lemon has a beautiful color, the smell is intoxicating, the particular flavor is unique. Not surprisingly, it is used to season first and second courses, side dishes and sometimes even fruit. Then there are those who eat it as it is to enjoy its sour taste, particular. Who eats it with the addition of sugar and who with salt.

Anyway, few are able to resist its extreme goodness, in the past has become a real icon. Among other things, it is useful for cleaning, it is an ecological remedy both for cleaning the house and for the ailments that never fail. Even when driving, it can work wonders.


To check how true this is, just put one in the car, when drowsiness starts to show up, just cut a slice and taste the juice. The result is immediate, the sour taste awakens the senses and keeps you awake despite the fact that fatigue is present and pressing. Its effect lasts several minutes, so all you have to do is take advantage of it to reach a rest area or service area and rest. If you don’t want to take the lemon in the car, just squeeze the juice and take it with you wherever you go.

Valid remedies for sleepiness

Few people know this, but when you are drowsy, 15 minutes of restful sleep are enough to feel 100% regenerated and start from scratch. Alternatively, 1 or 2 cups of coffee, which contain roughly 100 or 200 mg of caffeine, can give their maximum effect.

There are those who awaken and find again all energy simply by rolling down the window, because cold air reduces the risk of falling asleep and falling asleep. However, it is always wise to sleep for several hours before leaving for a long trip, because the body must always be alert and ready to react at any time and situation. It is also advisable to bring a travel companion with you who can monitor all behaviors and take the seat in case of need.

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