Petrol, with the Scottex trick you don’t give a damn: try it now

Some distributor in times of crisis may have tried to put into practice the ideal trick to save and provide unlimited fuel at minimal cost to its customers by supplying them with gasoline with kerosene.

Kerosene in petrol –

But there is a substantial difference between petrol and kerosene. While the first is composed of volatile hydrocarbons, so it evaporates in a short time, the second it is composed of hydrocarbons of a certain weight. Kerosene is certainly lighter than diesel, but heavier than gasoline.

Therefore if the gasoline evaporates practically immediatelykerosene being much heavier and less flammable, it has a much higher boiling point and takes more time. If kerosene were to be poured into diesel cars, they would have some minimal chance of survival. Maybe the engine would come out with difficulty and survive hardship, unlike the engine of a petrol car.

Petrol with

How to tell if the car was fueled with kerosene gasoline and if there is a need to worry

Some distributor who is not exactly honest, it did: it stretched gasoline with kerosene. This happened in Ireland a few years ago, where at least 500 cars were completely destroyed. Petrol with kerosene caused major consequences for car engines.

To understand if the one supplied by the distributor is petrol or petrol with keroseneyou can do what we all call “litmus test”. That is, after refueling, the paper towel method is used. Then, you try to take a small amount of gasoline to try to understand what color it is or what it smells like.

Gasoline is colorless, just like kerosene, but there is an overwhelming odor difference between the two. The smell of the former, we all know, is almost like a drug. While the smell of kerosene is peculiar, vaguely reminiscent of the smell of acetone and it is particularly annoying.

The difference between kerosene and gasoline

Should it be too late, to be sure that you have introduced gasoline with kerosene in your car, just try to turn it on. In this case, the car should struggle to start because kerosene does not burn like gasoline, it does so hard and very slowly.

Not for nothing, it is used to power planes and not cars. There and then it is thought to be the viable alternative to petrol or diesel, because it appears to be cheap. In reality it is not at all, it only gives the impression because it is not taxed as diesel, petrol etc. Among other things, it is disadvantageous both from an economic point of view and from an environmental point of view because it pollutes much more.

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