Porsche and Red Bull F1 Partnership Not Happening: Official

In early May, former Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess confirmed Porsche and Audi will enter Formula 1 from the 2026 season when a new set of regulations will take effect. Rumors have been circulating about Zuffenhausen wanting to sign a deal with Red Bull for a new F1 era in which cars will run on fully synthetic fuels. A press release published today by Porsche confirms talks have been held in recent months, but not anymore.

The two parties failed to reach an agreement due to differences in the way the team worked. Porsche wanted the F1 tie-up to be “on an equal footing,” but Red Bull refused. The desire of the German sports car marque is to provide more than just an engine by assuming half of the team’s responsibilities.

“The premise has always been that the partnership will be based on an equal footing, which includes not only engine partnerships but also teams. This is unattainable.”

our brother site Motorsport.com has good authority Porsche effectively wants to take a 50 percent stake in Red Bull’s F1 business, which ultimately represents the apple of contention. Interestingly, the original plan was to formalize the deal in mid-July during the Austrian Grand Prix, but that obviously never happened as discussions continued.

Red Bull F1 head Christian Horner insists the team must maintain its independence from 2026. During last weekend’s F1 race at Zandvoort, he was quoted as saying: “The team is the biggest marketing asset globally for Red Bull – why do we compromise strategically over the long term? is on a very attractive trajectory that does not depend on outside involvement or investment if there is a strategically right partner.”

Even though the deal with Red Bull officially didn’t take place, Porsche is still interested in joining F1: “With the rule changes finalized, the racing series remains an interesting environment for Porsche, which will continue to be monitored.”

Meanwhile, recent reports suggest Audi is seeking a deal with Sauber and entering F1 from 2026.

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