Beware of these speed cameras: they appear to be off but they are not

When driving, you have to pay attention to many things, in addition to your own behavior, also to that of other motorists and motorcyclists, the possible presence of law enforcement officers ready to write the fine for any reason or mistake made and obviously the Speed ​​Cameras.

Speed ​​camera danger
Speed ​​camera danger

In particular, you have to pay attention to the orange ones that seem to be off on the spot, but which in reality are sometimes on. Once seen, it is already very late to do anything. It is certainly not useful to brake at the last minute and risk causing accidents.

For which all you have to do is hope you haven’t been caught and to have therefore returned to the speed limit set or at most to receive a small fine and not a sting. Obviously the best choice is to respect the speed limits, always, on any road.

Speed ​​cameras –

Orange speed cameras, where they are and what they are for

Orange speed cameras are found more than anything else in the big cities. The aim is to encourage motorists and motorcyclists to respect the speed limits, usually set at 50 kilometers per hour.

Many motorists think that this type of speed camera does not work or that it is off most of the time. In fact, over the years many of these have been dismantled due to error reports and incorrect fines. That’s why some orange huts are empty.

Inside them it may happen that there is no camera ready to film the car or photograph it. As well as the exact opposite can happen. So what the speed camera does is take the picture and send it directly to the municipal police office which then delivers the fines.

Illegal speed cameras, here’s why

Ultimately, no one can be absolutely sure that these systems are not working. Should you find us near the column, and you should notice the presence of a municipal police patrol, the best choice would be lift your foot off the accelerator because all this would indicate that the speed camera is working so you have to pay attention to the police pen.

It might be useful to know that these devices are illegal and have been defined as such directly from the Ministry of Transport in 2018. In fact, these are devices that are not approved for this kind of checks.

Despite everything, the municipalities have decided to keep them and do not take them off because in the uncertainty, motorists lift their feet at the sight of speed cameras. So these in their small way, with a pinch of cunning, cunning and scam have already given their excellent result.

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