Alloy wheels, with less than 11 euros, are as good as new: try now

The alloy wheels are very delicate, so if you are not careful, they can be damaged in any way and at any time. It is good to know that they can always be recovered, by going to the body shop or at home.

Cleaning alloy rims
Cleaning alloy wheels –

With the DIY method it takes a few minutes, just have everything you need at your fingertips and in just 11 minutes the game will be done. You have to follow the instructions carefully, so as not to make mistakes of any kind.

With the do it yourself method, also in this case, as in many others, you save a lot. So, especially in this period or when the crisis has taken over, why not try to do it?

The DIY that knows no obstacles, that’s what it takes to repair damaged alloy wheels

The method that follows turns out to be a miracle remedy if there are no noticeable deep marks on the alloy wheels. Just a good dose of patience, manual skills and here you can immediately remedy the scratches on alloy wheelsthe result of a wrong, risky maneuver.

You must have on hand, paper tape, cotton pads, abrasive paste and abrasive paper. First, you take the paper tape and stick it on the area you want to go to work on. Then a little water is sprayed over the tape using a sprayer. So we use the sandpaper 400 and you start working on the affected area.


By hand, passing over a soft cloth you can see how the scratches begin to disappear. The operation is very slow, so the secret is to proceed with very calm, without being in a hurry. Slowly, we move on to the higher grit sandpaper, when the result seems to be satisfactory, the belt is detached and the abrasive paste is used. Just spread over one small amount of the product and then use the cotton pads to pass it along the previously worked area.

Alternative do-it-yourself method to save money and remedy the mistakes of a newly licensed

In this way the alloy wheels will return to being practically like new. Obviously, by going to a body shop the same work is done in half the time with suitable tools, professional, but also the expense will be much higher.

This is one of the many do-it-yourself methods, designed to save what you can and fix small mistakes. Obviously in the house it is possible to remove small scratches, working with extreme precision and delicacy so as not to damage the alloy wheels even more. While from a body shop you can also act on deep scratches, to eliminate even those that seem impossible to remove.

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