Ducati is preparing for a big change

Ducati is working on an evolution frame of the future Desmosedici GP. Pecco Bagnaia reveals pros and cons and the difference with Yamaha.

Pecco Bagnaia (LaPresse)
Pecco Bagnaia in Misano – Motori.News

Pecco Bagnaia leaves Misano after the Misano test and takes home a victory, or rather, the fourth in a row, the sixth in this MotoGP season. But also good information for next year, with Borgo Panigale engineers currently working on aerodynamic details, a device on the clutch lever and, above all, on the new evolution frame. In fact, from 2020 the Desmosedici GP it always mounts the same frame, but now the project has reached its limit.

The next step of the Ducati will be to improve the speed when cornering, without losing in other areas. “We are working in the opposite direction to Yamaha“, He clarified Pecco Bagnaia at the end of the Misano test. “We are trying to find some speed in the corners so that we can have a bike that closes the line out of the corners more. Compared to 2021 we have lost some absolute speed to gain more cornering speed. We are working on it and moving in that direction“.

The new Ducati frame and more …

Cristian Gabarrini and Pecco Bagnaia (LaPresse)
Cristian Gabarrini and Pecco Bagnaia – Motori.News

At Yamaha, on the other hand, we are working on top speed, a pressing request from Fabio Quartararo since last season. “Top speed is certainly important, but it’s not the priority“, Stressed the Piedmontese from Ducati. There YZR-M1 it is more agile in changes of direction, which the Desmosedici GP is trying to acquire through the new chassis. “With a higher top speed you may lose some stability and handling. I think at the moment (us and Yamaha, ed) we only have two different ways of thinking“.

In this phase of the season, the Borgo Panigale technicians are focused only on the chassis, after which a new engine specification will also arrive for the 2023 season. Gigi Dall’Igna that he will certainly want to do something in this direction as well. “Even if we lose some speed on the straights, we prefer to have a more stable and agile bike“, Added Bagnaia.

But the curiosity of the most attentive observers fell on the device present on the clutch lever. According to the first rumors it should help at the start, a phase of the race that is becoming crucial for the ascent to the podium. But for Pecco Bagnaia it doesn’t seem particularly attractive: “I prefer the standard version“.

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