Sun visor, its real function is another: nobody knows it

The sun visor is essential in the car, probably all those who have traveled going east or west, at sunrise and sunset, have understood this.

Sun visor
Sun visor –

The situation worsens more and more having to drive towards the sun, without having the sun visors available.

In reality all vehicles are equipped with flaps, however some are too small and therefore fail to do their job as they should. In any case, on any car, elegant, sporty, small or large, they are positioned directly on the ceiling, therefore above the windshield.


Sun visor, how to use it correctly

The sun visor is located on both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. It is a sun visor, which can be rotated downwards, but also towards the sides, even if few know it. Then, it can also be blocked off to cover the eyes from the sun and any glare.

Often the sun visors are also used as wallets, where documents and supports of any kind are placed. Even someone uses them as a docking point for the smartphone, to always have it available, use it when you can’t do without, without any distraction. For instance, you can manage calls with your voice and send messages in the same way. All this is essential today, because the pace we are forced to sustain is really fast.

Some cars even have automatic sun visors, which open via a sensor that detects the position of the eyes and that they rotate according to where the rays of the sun areAnd. In short, these work, like sunglasses, effectively block the sun’s rays without causing problems of any kind, and without limiting visibility.

Small sun visor, solve the problem with additional supports

Sometimes, however, these sun visors seem to be too small, so the sun still manages to pass, especially from the sides and from below. There are no problems in this regard, because there is an economical solution, which allows you to extend the sun visors to the right or to the left or even downwards.

It is an additional support that can be hooked to the side of the sunshade, it even can apply to the windows or the sun visor in minutes, you don’t need to be a professional. These supports cost very little and solve inconveniences and problems that can also cause accidents.

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