Arm out the window, did you know it’s forbidden? You get a fine that you never forget

How many times, due to the heat or just to relax for a second, have we put our arm out of the window while we were driving? Well we will have to be careful not to do it again.

Arm out the window
Arm out the window – Motori.News

Although this is a harmless behavior, in fact, it could cost us a penalty not to laugh at. Although in the Highway Code we do not have an article or paragraph directly dedicated to this latter behavior, we are indirectly advised never to.

Specifically, the motorist who is stopped by the police with his arm out will have to answer for the crime of not having respected the driving safety standards.

Having your arm out the window will also be very dangerous for our health

According to the provisions of the Highway Code, in factwe must always be able to respond to any eventuality driving and consequently we will not be able to distract ourselves for a second.

Arm out the window – Motori.News

Obviously, if we have an arm out of the car, we will not be able to turn in time and we could be in danger. In fact, carrying out an emergency maneuver with one hand is practically impossible and for this you should never have an arm outside the cockpit.

For offenders, therefore, there is one fine ranging from 41 to 168 euros. As mentioned, the Highway Code will not directly tell us not to expose a hand out the window but there are many other rules that require us to maintain a safer driving.

For example, another article provides that the driver must have ample freedom of movement during his maneuvers, which is obviously impossible with an arm away from the steering wheel.

Talking on the phone in the car- Motori.News

We will be able to receive over 150 euros in fines

Even while we are making or receiving a phone call, therefore, we will be obliged to keep both hands on the steering wheel if we do not want to run into some sanction.

In fact, we will be able to talk on the mobile phone only with the help of the speakerphone or earphones. If we are caught talking on the phone without using one of these last tricks, in fact, we will even risk a further fine.

Finally, having your arm exposed out the window can also be a danger to our health. In fact, it happened that in the past, during an overtaking maneuver made by another vehicle, the driver broke his arm.

Traffic police- Motori.News

In short, we will not really have reasons to continue to “cultivate this bad habit”, on the contrary, we will be safe from fines and dangers if we had to do without it.

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