this is the only way to save

Not only bonuses to switch to electric, agreements have recently been announced to be able to buy used cars at a bargain price.

Used car bonus
Used car bonus –

We know how the period we are going through is not easy at all, with a progressive increase in both bills, such as those for electricity and gas, and the cost of living. Precisely to meet these difficulties the Government has decided to create various bonuses.

Among these there is one in particular we want to tell you about, the one for buy used cars. Many, in fact, to save a little something, prefer to throw themselves into a second-hand vehicle rather than a new one.

Not only on the electric, the Government has also made various bonuses available for the purchase of used cars

With the arrival of this new bonus, therefore, even the undecided will have no more doubts, to date used is the most valid option. The first big blow, as regards the bills, therefore, will arrive between September and October, therefore, we will have to save as much as possible by then.

Speaking of the bonuses for the car, therefore, the first to be fielded, as mentioned, is the one for thepurchase of an electric car. In particular we will be able to save up to 7 thousand and 500 eurosgoing to scrap our old vehicle.

used cars
Electric car bonus – Motori.News

Considering how electric cars will become virtually mandatory over the years, this may be the best option, at least for those who can afford it. As mentioned, in fact, there are also those who, inevitably, can only point to a second-hand vehicle.

For example, we also have the initiative retrofit that will allow us to replace our old diesel or petrol engine with an electric one with over 60% discount, which translates into about 3 thousand and 500 euros in discount coupons.

Even on the payment of the stamp we can receive a large discount

Not only that, another invaluable help is the one that will arrive on us stamp as we will pay 20% less. Not only that, however, even buying a used car, as mentioned, nowadays will give us benefits. For example, those who have a disabled person at home can save up to 19% on the purchase price.

Furthermore, if the vehicle is used for the transport of the latter, we will not be able to pay the stamp out of our own pocket. Obviously, however, the “disadvantage” of buying a second-hand car will be that of having to pay to make the change of ownership.

used cars
Used car purchase bonus – Motori.News

In short, there are several options we will have to change our car, just find the one that best suits our needs.

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